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130 lbs
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Hell of a Night Supporting- stunts Brian Childs
Once Upon a Dream Lead Andrew Corrigan
Allegiant part 1 Featured- stunts Robert Schwentke
Never Quit Lead Jason Aleman
Joy Comes in the Morning Lead Shedrick Jones
The Leftovers Stand-In Mimi Leder
From Misery to Ministry Lead AB Harris
Live for Today Lead Del Flores


Browning Dodge (Local) Principle/ TV OC Matthew Rodding
Academy Sports & Outdoors (No longer in run) Principal/ TV OC Carlos Arakelia
ARS Plumbing (Local only) Principal/ TV OC Jeromy DenoLion


American Crime Day Player Ridley Scott
Unusual Suspects Caitlyn Giddings/ Day player ID Discovery
Fox Sports Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rob Riggle


Soups for Slim Host Pat Finn
Jiffy Lube Lead- On Going Industrial
The McKenzie Group Lead- On Going Kristin McKenzie
Waste Management Lead- On Going Hardy Baker


Waste Management Lead Hardy Baker
Logitech Supporting Jody Conchran
Police Scenario Videos Lead/ Stunts Anderson Kith


Mercedes Benz Floor Model Linking Promotions
Pay It Forward Rescue Runway Faith McGary
Stepping Out Supporting Mark Baird
Bella Rouge Lead Sharon Skelton


ComedySportz Los Angeles Box Office/ House Manage Phil Ward
Peter Pan Director Kristin McKenzie
The Miracle Writer/ Director/ Stunts/ Effects Make Up Kirk Rightmire
Harvey Director Kristin McKenzie
Hugh Morris 1980's Variety Show Producer/ Writer/ Director Kristin McKenzie
Annie Stage Manager Elizabeth Mace
Zombie Prom Choreographer Mark Red
Sleepy Hollow Lead Gregory Magyar
Approaching Lavender Lead Gregory Magyar
Books Alive Lead/ Sound Tech Kristin Miller
It's A Wonderful Life Producer/ Director Kristin McKenzie
The Power of Once Lead Michael Shehan
ComedySportz Houston Team Member/ Sponsor Dianah Delaney

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General Sports
Stage Combat Training
Martial Arts
Military Training
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Miscellaneous Skills
Track & Field
Vocal Range
  • ALTO
General Weapons Training
Circus Skills
Horse Riding Skills
Driving Skills
  • 4WD
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  • ATV
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Other Experience

- (6 Years) STUNTS, trained in Georgia for tactical, trained in Texas for police and military tactics, performed in police scenario training videos for 2 years, learned take downs with taser, tear gas, gun, handcuffs, gun, performed stunts such as clearing a room army style, formation, sharp shooter stance, AR & AK as well as hand gun, rifle, and shot gun experience

- (10 Years) MEDICAL, certified lifeguard and first aide for many years, worked at multiple pools, country clubs, and camps. Pine Forest Country Club pool manager, counselor at Great Adventure camp, Lifeguard and medical personnel at Lake West, taught swim lessons for Miller Academy

- (5 Years) TEACHING, certified to teach Theatre, English, and Bible. Taught at a private school for 2 years, theatres for 5 years, travel to do speaking and workshops independently and presently, ordained and was an associate children’s pastor, have taught jr high and high school level as well as elementary, taught improv for 3 years at all levels

- (3 Years) ORDAINED, ordained in pastoral counseling and children's assistant minister for two years at The Waters Church.

- (20 Years) SPORTS, volleyball (setter, DS, right side hitter), 2 years jr. high, 1 year junior varsity, 4 years varsity, 4 years club in college, all state player in high school, 3 years adult league (sand) player, I own my own court lines and AVP ball
- (20 Years) SPORTS, basketball (point, guard, post), 2 years in jr high, 1 year junior varsity, 4 years varsity, all state player, 4 years club in college, I own my own female and male size balls along with court shoes
- (12 Years) SPORTS, football (quarterback, receiver, running back), 4 years club in college, conference champions 1 year, I own a pair of black cleats and my own football
- (8 Years) SPORTS, racquetball, 2 years club in college, play recreationally, I own my own equipment (racquet, ball, goggles)
- (2 Years) SPORTS, acro-yoga, yoga, partner yoga/ partner workouts
- (4 Years) SPORTS, track, short distance, sprints, relays
- (4 Years) SPORTS, cheerleading (base, mascot), 2 years in jr high, 2 years in varsity, 1 year in competition team, took tumbling courses throughout high school, can do hurdle, pike, tuck, and herkie jumps
- (1 Years) SPORTS, softball, youth program, outfield, ball girl/ manager
- (5 Years) SPORTS, swimming (freestyle), triathlete for 3 years, recreationally, own a triathlon style suit
- (3 Years) SPORTS, triathlon, sprint triathlons, 4th in division, multiple team awards, sponsored athlete for 2 years with The Athlete Stop in Texas, color triathlons and mud triathlons, own all equipment necessary such as helmets, back packs, gloves, and suit
- (7 Years) SPORTS, cycling, road bike, I own a Marin 2010, road in the MS 150 which is 180 miles total across Texas, multiple triathlons and tag team tri competitions, I own the glasses, gloves, and helmets needed
- (4 Years) SPORTS, obstacle courses, tactical and military training for 3 years plus mud runs and color runs through obstacle 5K courses for recreational pleasure
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Aerobics, member at 24 hour fitness and attend many classes a month
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Archery, youth program and beginner courses in college
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Balloonist, balloon animal maker for birthday parties
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Baseball, bat girl and manager for a team
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Billiards player, recreationally throughout college
- (6 Years) SPORTS, Boating/ Drive a Boat, my family owns a wake boarding boat multi speed one deck, tubing, wake boarding, wake skating, water skiing, basic skill set for all as well as driving while pulling multiple lines
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Bowling, beginner courses in college, recreationally
- (5 Years) SPORTS, Boxing/ Kick Boxing, 24 Hour Fitness offers kick boxing classes I attend regularly, in college I took courses for boxing, occasionally I work out at a boxing gym to keep my moves sharp
- (10 Years) SPORTS, Canoeing, recreationally while camping, grew up with a lake in my back yard where we would canoe, paddle boat, and kayak regularly
- (10 Years) SPORTS, Fishing, grew up with a lake in my backyard where we would fish in the evenings, fishing bass, catfish, and perch, can bait and tackle, took a course in deep sea fishing and caught a shark
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Frisbee, played frisbee golf recreationally in college, toss frisbees with my dog
- (8 Years) SPORTS, Gymnastics, tumbling and gymnastics courses from early on until high school, still practice basic maneuvers, on trampoline I can throw front/back flips and fulls
- (10 Years) SPORTS, Hiking, avid hiker for many years, 10 plus miles, own hiking boots RealTree, rough terrain and river wading
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Ice Skate, basic skill level, recreational, can gain speed, stop quickly, use to help children at volunteer events for Christmas in college, Broom Ball in college as well
- (4 Years) SPORTS, Jet Skier, owned a jet ski Kawasaki for 2 years, 3 seater, drove it on a trailer, ocean and lake experience, can jump wakes or waves and catch air, sharp turns, stand or seated positions
- (10 Years) SPORTS, Jogging/ Running, been a triathlete for 3 years, come from a family of runners, been chasing my marathon running dad ever since I could walk, recreationally
- (4 Years) SPORTS, Jump Rope, recreational for work out purposes, can do doubles, criss cross, speed rope and partner jump
- (10 Years) SPORTS, Kayaker, owned a kayak for many years, lived by a lake, single or double kayak experience, ocean, lake, and river trained, took a class in Jamaica and one in the Bahamas
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Lacrosse, team manager and sports rehab facilitator for a team through The Athlete Stop
- (5 Years) SPORTS, Mountain Climbing/ Rappelling, courses through Indian Princess as a child, recreationally partake in activities, took a rappelling course last summer in Colorado through Young Life
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Ping Pong, recreationally play, owned a table growing up, played in college for fun
- (5 Years) SPORTS, Razor Scooter, owned one growing up, used one in college, basic skill level and can jump
- (15 Years) SPORTS, Roller Skate/ Rollerblade, I have done both ever since I was little, own a paid of black and green roller blades as well as a helmet, regularly blade the coast, can gain speed and take turns or jump small obstacles if need be
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Rugby, water girl, manager, team assistant for 2 years in college
- (10 Years) SPORTS, SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING, lived on 10 acres of land and own a Remington 370 as well as a Shotgun and multiple hand guns, shoot skeet and range regularly to stay sharp, currently have a Taurus PT360 and Glock (both black)
- (2 Years) SPORTS, Snorkeler, took lessons in Cayman and the Bahamas, have been SNUBA diving in Hawaii and took beginner courses
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Snowboarder, took lessons for a week, have been boarding 3 times, level on green and blue slopes, can do a blue black in good conditions
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Snowmobile, took a course one spring break on basic maneuvers
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Tennis, ball girl, team manager through Athlete Stop, beginner courses at a country club in Texas (Pine Forrest)
- (5 Years) SPORTS, Trampoline, flips, fulls, and cheerleading style jumps
- (6 Years) SPORTS, Weight Lifter, regularly work out at 24 Hour Fitness and muscle beach, squats, dead lifts, biceps, triceps, back
- (1 Years) SPORTS, Wrestling, basic maneuvers and beginner classes for fun/ recreational usage
- (2 Years) COMBAT, stage combat, theatrical training at UCLA and Texas A&M in stage fighting with sword and hand
- (3 Years) COMBAT, hand to hand combat, police scenario training as police officer as well as at criminal level
- (1 Years) COMBAT, Tai Chi, beginner course at UCLA summer camp
- (1 Years) COMBAT, Krav Maga, beginner course at UCLA summer camp
- (5 Years) COMBAT, self defense, college courses at Texas A&M for self defense with knife, pepper spray, an gun
- (7 Years) COMBAT, tactical, army boot camp and tactical training via private lessons in Texas and Georgia
- (15 Years) HORSEBACK RIDING, Western, horn saddle riding recreationally and worked in a stable for many years to afford lessons, stable cleaning, horse maintenance, stalls maintained, and work for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for 4 years helping with cleaning, this is my favorite form
- (2 Years) HORSEBACK RIDING, English, hunter jumper and form and English riding, competed at jumping (low jumps)
- (2 Years) HORSEBACK RIDING, Bareback, recreationally and mountain riding
- (2 Years) HORSEBACK RIDING, Sidesaddle, in a dress old fashion shoot style
- (15 Years) DRIVING, experience with a boat, automatic cars, 4 wheelers, mopeds, dirt bikes, ATVs, ridden on motorcycles but NOT licensed
- (5 Years) MUSICAL, children's theatre, comedic singing or acting, low vocal range.
- (15 Years) HOSTING, theatre, news, church, interviews, teleprompter, ear piece, memorizing, improv, events, marketing, spokesmodel, and general hosting. I do regular work with companies and churches throughout Texas and host events for big name companies that bring me in for party or event hosting
- (10 Years) HOSTING, teleprompter, experience in spoof news stories, events, hosting, and am known to be perfect on the first take, professional with a teleprompter and interviews as well as writing my own journaling or stories
- (15 Years) THEATRE, improv, children's theatre, general, directing, producing, choreography, teaching, workshops. Trained with ComedySportz Houston, Monkey Butler LA, Cibby Danyla, UCLA Summer Arts Camps, CSzLA, KVPAC in Texas, and have worked in every area of the theatre as well as backstage and on Vectorworks or LiteBrite
- (15 Years) FIREARMS/ WEAPONS, Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Completed CHL training (licensed), Military stunt training in Georgia, skeet shooting training in Texas, Police scenario training for Laser Shot, Co., beginner with bow and arrow, can shoot in prone, kneeling, and standing positions.
- (20 Years) ANIMAL CARE, raised various animals from a young age, barn hand, volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for 7 years
(15 Years) ANIMAL CARE, own a dog, Schnocker that is 3 years old and hypoallergenic, very well behaved (I self trained her), female, she can sit, stay, jump, run, catch, fetch, lay down, roll over, stay from a distance and come from a distance, works well with kids, loves to travel, and is 25 pounds
- (20 Years) CAMPING, have been camping ever since I was little with my family, can pitch a tent, start a fire, cook conventionally and non conventionally, was in Indian Princess and Girl Scouts
- (5 Years) PHOTOGRAPHY, real estate photography, new born/ infant, family photos, photo booth, and own my own equipment for all, experience with many facets of photo work. I own a Nikon D5300 with a 35mm to 70mm lens and 3 point photo lighting with backdrops in black, white, and green screen as well as tripods and iPad holder with iPad lenses in fish eye and wide screen plus photo booth apps
- (7 Years) BOOT CAMP/ CROSS FIT, push-ups, box jumps, ab exercises, rings, good form, used to train 3 days a week with a Camp Gladiator trainer, currently take classes to maintain a basic level of fitness and skill at my 24 Hour Gym plus a personal trainer
- (7 Years) - BARISTA/ WAITRESS, experience working in coffee shop, working and managing a family restaurant, bar serving, event planning, used to be TABC and Food Handler certified for a year
- (6 Years) DANCE, country 2 step and line dance classes in college, current lessons with my fiancé who regularly is my partner for events, we can spin, flip, do half step and two step as well as polka step
- (1 Years) DANCE, Waltz, beginner courses in partner dance and a slow Waltz
- (3 Years) DANCE, period dance through 80’s, classes and choreography for a time period play self written and researched
- (1 Year) DANCE, Salsa, beginner course in college, basic spins
- (4 Years) MANAGEMENT, Resident Director and leasing consultant for apartment management company, in charge of residents and events as well as conflict resolution, running the office, marketing plans and outreach
- (2 Years) MANAGEMENT, pool manager, Pine Forest country club, swim lessons, schedules, employee oversight, cleaning the pool and area
- (8 Years) MANAGEMENT, counselor advisor at a camp, Great Adventure Camp and Camp West, games, events, speaking events, first aide
- (4 Years) MANAGEMENT, events manager for a restaurant, The Cottage Charm was also an event facility for weddings, showers, graduations, private dinners, concerts, shows, and much more, I was in charge of scheduling, running the events, hosting most of the events, and over all insight to the facility
- (8 Years) MANAGEMENT, project manager for a family company, photo booths, events, hosting, dinner theaters, writing shows, performing shows, marketing, management in general
- (2 Years) MANAGEMENT, marketing director for a Sports Rehab facility, social media manager, events, scheduling, orders, financial advisor for account, outreach, sponsor endeavors, athlete maintenance
- (6 Years) MANAGEMENT, theatre director, independent contractor brought in to direct plays, produce, choreograph, and even backstage or stage manager for the shows as well as box office experience and concessions manager
- (3 Years) JUGGLER, basic 3 ball or scarf juggling, can do regular, circle, or tower styles, working on lessons for juggling pins right now
*Over 25 years of age*
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