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(310) 396-6462


180 lbs
Hair Length


Coat Length


Unengaged Supporting Funny or Die/Lauren Palmigiano, Dir.
Your Day Principal Independent/Ginger Gonzaga, Dir.
Plus One Supporting Red Hour/Jeff Chan & Andrew Rhymer, Dir.
12 Pound Balls Supporting Nordic Tundra Entertainment/Zacher y Mattson, Dir.
The Mad Ones Supporting Independent/Aniruddh Pandit, Dir.
May the Best Man Win Supporting Independent/Andrew O'Connor, Dir.
Mr. Intangibles Supporting Independent/Ben Bolea, Dir.
Chillerama Supporting Image Entertainment/Adam Green, Dir.


Bizaardvark Guest Star Disney
NFL FOX 45 Various FOX/Jason Palmer, Dir.
Ghost Story Club Guest Star truTV/Jay Tyler, Dir.
Alex, Inc. Co-star ABC/Zach Braff, Dir.
LA to Vegas Recurring FOX/Linda Mendoza, Dir.
Do You Want To See A Dead Body? Guest Star YouTube Red/Abominable Pictures/Alex Fernie, Dir.
Jimmy Kimmel Live! Various ABC/Maureen Bharoocha, Dir.
Trial & Error Guest Star NBC/Dean Holland, Dir.
American Housewife Guest Star ABC/David Grossman, Dir.
@midnight Co-star Comedy Central/Nick Wiger, Dir.
Throwing Shade Various TV Land/Alex Richenbach, Dir.
Michael Bolton's Big Sexy V-Day Special Guest Star Netflix/Scott Aukerman & Akiva Schaffer, Dir.
Mr. Neighbor's House Various Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Bill Benz, Dir.
Time Traveling Bong Co-star Comedy Central/Lucia Aniello, Dir.
The Crossroads of History Co-star The History Channel/Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm, Dir
HR Co-star FOX/Jeff Schaffer, Dir.
The Thundermans Co-Star Nickelodeon/Shannon Flynn, Dir.
Soul Man Co-star TV Land/Stan Lathan, Dir.
Truth Be Told Co-star NBC/Michael Shea, Dir.
Adam Ruins Everything Co-star truTV/Paul Briganti, Dir.
The Grinder Co-star FOX/Christine Gernon, Dir.
Superstore Co-star NBC/Andy Ackerman, Dir.
Dr. Ken Co-Star ABC/Scott Ellis, Dir.
Kevin From Work Co-star ABC Family/McG, Dir.
Blunt Talk Co-star Starz/Michael Lehmann, Dir.
Fresh Off the Boat Co-star ABC/Matt Sohn, Dir.
Foul Ball Co-star CBS/Big Breakfast/Matt Enlow, Dir.
Mulaney Co-star FOX/Andy Ackerman, Dir.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-star FOX/Tucker Gates, Dir.
Playing House Co-star USA/Tristram Shapeero, Dir.
Newsreaders Co-star Cartoon Network-Adult Swim/Jim Margolis, Dir.
Garfunkel and Oates Co-star IFC/Matt and Oz, Dir.
Up All Night Co-star NBC/Jennifer Getzinger, Dir.
NTSF:SD:SUV Various Cartoon Network-Adult Swim/Alex Fernie, Dir.
Comedy Bang! Bang! Various IFC/Benjamin Berman, Dir.
Funny or Die Co-star HBO/Robert Cohen, Dir.
Call 911 Co-star Discovery/Tom Jennings, Dir.
Postpartum Depression Co-star Discovery/Jim Edwards, Dir.


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Principal Ryan Klug, Dir.
Pretty Olde England Principal Patrick Schmitz, Dir.


Commercial List Available Upon Request Role Director


Ferguson Principal Brendan O'Conner/Ryan Phillips, Dir.
NetApp Principal MasterWerks/Kevin Willson, Dir.
Newport Beach Film Festival Principal Tool/Tom Routson, Dir.


Upright Citizens Brigade Improv/Sketch (House Teams) Los Angeles, CA
Comedy Central Stage Improv/Sketch Los Angeles, CA
Kansas City Improv Festival Improv Comedy Kansas City, MO
Del Close Marathon Improv Comedy New York, NY
Dallas Comedy Festival Improv Comedy Dallas, TX
Seattle Sketch Festival Sketch Seattle, WA
San Francisco Sketch Festival Sketch San Francisco, CA
IO West Improv Comedy Los Angeles, CA
IO Chicago Improv Comedy Chicago, IL
ComedySportz-L.A. Improv Comedy Los Angeles, CA
ComedySportz-Milwaukee Improv Comedy Milwaukee, WI
The Midnight Show Improv/Sketch Milwaukee, WI
The Gentlemen's Hour Improv/Sketch Milwaukee, WI


Coffee-Mate Principal Buzzfeed/Matthew Gustafson, Dir.
The Banana Sun Countdown Principal Chiquita/Funny or Die
Moon Mousse Principal Matt Sweeney, Dir.
Funny Business Principal Play Productions/Austin Kolodney & Brooke Palmieri
True Story Principal Fine Brothers/Layne Pavoggi, Dir.
Dirtbags Principal Brea Grant, Dir.
Casper Principal Andrew Nixon, Dir.
Spregattza Principal Kyle Steinbach, Dir.
FB Live/Teacher Principal Funny or Die
FB Live/Job Interview Principal Funny or Die
Best Prank Ever! Principal Mommy Comedy/Ryan Kelly, Dir.
Will Arnett Wants You to Protect Our Sacred Places Principal Funny or Die/Matt Mayer, Dir.
Fox News Sexual Harassment Principal Funny or Die/Kelly Hudson, Dir.
The Off Season Recurring Guest Star ABC.com/Jonathan Millot & Cary Murions, Dir.
Lean In Principal Funny or Die/Hulu/Heather Jack, Dir.
The Golden Robes Role Funny or Die
Facebook Live Christmas Eve Principal Funny or Die
Elect-A-Thon '16 Principal Funny or Die
A Very Trolly Christmas Principal Maker/Kurt Schmidt, Dir.
Amazon Principal Buzzfeed/Jon Mackey, Dir.
Common Ground Principal Funny or Die/Hannah Levy & Adriana Robles, Dir.
Divorce Complex Supporting UCB Digital/Ryan Moulton, Dir.
Kicked Out of School Supporting UCB Digital/Nick Rasmussen, Dir.
Awesomeness TV Supporting Bad Taste/Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm, Dir.
Room Mates Supporting UCB/Will Hines, Dir.
Celebs Have Issues w/ Taye Diggs Principal AOL/Andrew Nixon, Dir.
Scott Wiener Campaign Video w/ Jaleel White Principal Portal A/Morgan Wise, Dir.
D'bunk'D Principal Maker/Kurt Schmidt, Dir.
Anthony Weiner's Other Sexts with Pauly Shore Principal Funny or Die/Chris VanArtsdalen, Dir.
Land the Gig Principal AOL/Andrew Nixon, Dir.
Language Academy Principal Philip Hoover & Jacob Farmer, Dir.
Father's Day Emporium Principal Funny or Die/Leann Bowen, Dir.
Internet Board Game Principal Cracked/Matthew Pollack, Dir.
HP Private Eyes Principal Beautimus/Steven Wilson, Dir.
Jennifer Lopez "Ain't Your Mama" Music Video Parod Supporting Maker/Layne Pavoggi, Dir.
Kahlua Principal Funny or Die/Eliza Hooper, Dir.
TweenFest Guest Star go90/Funny or Die/Scott Gairdner, Dir.
Google Express Principal Google/Evan Scott & Parker Seaman, Dir.
Best Damn Root Beer Principal Funny or Die/Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi, Dir.
YouTube AdBlitz Principal YouTube/Parker Seaman, Dir.
Steel Cut Oats Supporting Harry Chaskin, Dir.
Rayovac/Into the Wild Principal Nuture Digital/Liam White, Dir.
Backstage Jesus w/ Ron Funches Principal Funny or Die/Matty Smith, Dir.
The UCB Show Principal NBC/Seeso/UCB/Michae l Blieden, Dir.
The Fixer w/ Jeff Goldblum & Ed Bagely Jr. Principal Funny or Die/Alex Richenbach, Dir.
Sideline Reports Principal Two Trick Pony/Tory Stanton & Scott McCabe, Dir.
Meryl Biopic Principal Funny or Die/Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm, Dir.
Home Depot Principal Two Trick Pony/Tory Stanton & Scott McCabe, Dir.
Lammily Doll Principal Woodhead Entertainment/Tony Yacenda, Dir.
Stand By Me Principal Funny or Die/Austyn Jeffs, Dir.
Lexicology with Jared Harris Principal Funny or Die/Ryan Perez, Dir.
30 for 30: Angels in the Outfield Principal Big Breakfast/Tony Yocenda, Dir.
Water Cops Principal Maker/Nic Stanich, Dir.
Fielder & Fielder Principal Fine Bros./Jared Neumark, Dir.
Mornings Across America Principal BuzzFeed/Matthew Gustafson, Dir.
Awkward Apocalypse Principal BuzzFeed, Nathan Bloch, Dir.
Prom-Posal Principal Funny or Die/Andy Bush, Dir.
One Night Stand Principal Funny or Die/Alan Taner, Dir.
When You Get Holding A Doobie Principal Buzzfeed/Zach Kornfield, Dir.
Outside Lands Principal Funny or Die/Outside Lands/Parker Seaman & Evan Sc
RV Principal Funny or Die/Midbest/Sergio Cilli, Dir.
DSU Principal Funny or Die/Midbest/Sergio Cilli, Dir.
Good Samaritans Principal Funny or Die/Austyn Jeffs, Dir.
SuperFight Principal Maker/Tim Wilkerson, Dir.
March Madness Principal Maker/Nic Stanich, Dir.
Idiot's Guide Principal Funny or Die/Jon Mackey, Dir.
Ford Sync Principal Funny or Die/Ford/Sergio Cilli, Dir.
Breeder's Cup Principal Funny or Die/Alex Richanbach, Dir.
Dad or Boyfriend Principal UCB Digital/Nic Michaels, Dir.
Channel Zero Principal Aren't We Clever/Alex Fernie, Dir.
NFL Fantasy Football Commissioners Resign Principal Funny or Die/Alex Richanbach, Dir.
C.A.R.E. Force Principal Crystal Hubbard, Dir.
Dear White People Supporting Moose Hill Productions/Marvin Lemus, Dir.
Paper Dolls Principal ABC Digital/Brett Weiner, Dir.
COPS: Ferguson Principal Funny or Die/Alex Richanbach, Dir.
E & E's Morning Announcement Principal Awesomeness TV/Noam Bleiweiss, Dir.
Diet Racism Supporting College Humor/Big Breakfast/Matthew Pollock, Dir.
Tic Tac Principal Funny or Die/Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm, Dir.
No Girls Allowed Principal Funny or Die/Lauren Palmigiano, Dir.
Terror Twins Principal Nerdist/Andrew Bowser, Dir.
Donald Sterling NBA Press Conference Highlights Principal Funny or Die/Jack Allison, Dir.
Epic Fail PSA Principal Funny or Die/PS4/Matty Smith, Dir.
Jessica Pare is a Monster Principal Funny or Die/Jack Bishop, Dir.
Circumcision Principal College Humor/Big Breakfast/Paul Briganti, Dir.
Perfect Cousins Principal Mike Kauth, Dir.
Lazy Principal Mike Kauth, Dir.
Double Duty Principal Hounds of Olympus/Mike Kauth, Dir.
Pizza Hut Principal Funny or Die/Pizza Hut/Chris Marrs, Dir.
Oddball Redd Apple Principal Funny or Die/Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm, Dir.
Improversations: Bad Teammate Principal Eugene Cordero, Dir.
Support Group w/ Lorenzo Lamas Principal Daniel Shapiro, Dir.
Bacon Labs Principal Ogmog Creative/Nic Stanich, Dir.
YesTo/The Academy of Yes Principal One Lens Media/Liam White, Dir.
Fast Food Heights Co-star MTV/Jessica Haymond & Greg Tuculescu, Dir.
Google is a Guy Principal College Humor/Tim Wilkerson, Dir.
The Zombie Solution Principal Funny or Die/Jack and Justin, Dir.
A Manly Day in the Life of Nick Offerman Supporting Funny or Die/Andy Bush, Dir.
The Original Dads of Comedy Principal Yahoo Sketchy/Tim Wilkerson, Dir.
Getting Back Together With Your Football Team Principal College Humor/Matthew Pollock, Dir.
Dumb Dumb Killer Principal Cynthia Kao/Will Reese, Dir.
The State of Us "The Boys Get Makeovers" Supporting The Outside Joke/Charlie Hicks and CC Pearce, Dir.
Sprinkles Ice Cream Principal Sprinkles/Maureen Bharoocha, Dir.
Backseat Italians Principal Funny or Die/Fiat/Sergio Cilli, Dir.
Robber #2 Principal Midbest/Dave Ferguson, Dir.
Man of Steel Trailer Principal Bonafide/UCB/Will Reese, Dir.
Movie Theatre Buggin' Principal Midbest/Dave and Casey, Dir.
Shaved Head Solution Principal College Humor/Matthew Pollock, Dir.
Picking Winners Supporting Funny or Die/McDonalds
Vine Video Principal Bonafide/UCB
She-Ra with Kylie Minogue Supporting Funny or Die/Danny Jelinek, Dir.
Cheech & Chong's History of 420 Supporting Funny or Die/Ian Pfaff, Dir.
Giraffic Park Principal Sneak Thief/UCB
The Complex Principal Mike Leffingwell
Family Christmas Photo Principal Pantsuit/UCB
End of the World Supporting Funny or Die/Diet Pepsi
Raw Food Thanksgiving Principal Funny or Die
Blinkers Principal Heavy Peting
The Undecided Ohio Voters Principal Funny or Die
Washington Senators for Washington Principal Muddleberry/UCB
Improv Kitchen Principal Tasted
Who Would Win in a Fight Principal Heavy Petting
K-LOL Principal LOUD
Toshiba Principal Toshiba
Romney Spotify Principal College Humor
Dog Poker Principal Heavy Petting
Briggs and Mittens Principal Heavy Petting
Dr. Ball Principal Cracked
Declaration of Email Signatures Principal College Humor
Surprise Party Supporting Tremendosaur
You're Not in Kansas Anymore w/ Stephen Lang Supporting Funny or Die
Crying Supporting UCB
Intervention Intervention Principal UCB
Jerry Zumbo's Acting Reel Principal Kirkland's Signature/UCB
Tylenol Cheesesteak Aspirin Principal UCB
Sticks Died Principal Oh, Brother/UCB
The Divorce of Ken Burns Principal Bonafide/UCB
Screen Crossing Politician Principal Bonafide/UCB
Trinity Mingle Principal Bonafide/UCB
Office Rules Principal Tom Clark
Tom Brady's Wicked Accent Principal Funny or Die/Under Armour
Unpredictabeer Principal Funny or Die/Corona Light
Classified Principal Shelby Films
Unemployed Principal Unemployed
Rag Tag Principal Cream
Cleveland's Mayor Responds 2 LeBron James Decision Principal Funny or DIe
The Wire: The Musical w/ Michael Kenneth WIlliams Principal Funny or Die
Touching Ourselves Principal Funny or Die
First Kiss with Rachael Cook and Chad Murray Supporting Funny or Die
The Hunger Games unabridged Supporting College Humor
Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout Supporting Funny or Die
James O'Keefe's Conservapranks Principal Funny or Die/Pepsi
Bride of Frankenstein Principal Tremendosaur
Pepsi Next Principal Funny or Die/Pepsi
Talking Talking Dead Principal Funny or Die
Occupy Main Street Principal Funny or Die
Steve Job's Substitute Principal College Humor
Rebecca Black's Greatest Hits Principal Funny or Die
Behind the Disc: Aziz Ansari Principal Funny or Die/Sony
HK Pretzel Principal Tremendosaur


John Rosenfeld Studios Theatrical Los Angeles
Upright Citizens Brigade L.A. Long-Form Improvisation Los Angeles
IO Chicago Long-Form Improvisation Chicago
ComedySportz Milwaukee Short-Form Improvisation Milwaukee
Stan Kirsch Studios Theatrical Los Angeles
Killian's Workshop Commercial Los Angeles
UW-Milwaukee Theatre Milwaukee

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